Thursday, July 25, 2019

The song of Umass Boston-arifact that exemplifies the culture of UMass Assignment

The song of Umass Boston-arifact that exemplifies the culture of UMass Boston - Assignment Example This idea is strengthened in the third line wherein the speakers say they follow the torch wherever it leads them to. The phrase â€Å"saw a crown on your brow† perhaps talks about the vision of the school. Crowns are often placed on the head but the song says that there is a crown on UMass brow. This could mean nothing else but the vision of the school to produce graduates who will be able to reign in their own chosen careers. This vision can be attained by following the teachings of the school as she trains imparts knowledge and wisdom to the students and train them to become more passionate to fight for what is just and right. As the years went by, the passion of UMass never dimmed. Rather, her light remained its brightness, guiding many people in their lives. As people witnessed more and more graduates of UMass being led into the world where they succeeded, many have dreamed to become one of them and this made them more confident that the school can indeed guide them as she envisioned it. Moreover, the people’s hope that they can be a part of UMass and become successful lessened their fears of what life may have for them. People witnessed how the university remained steadfast in her dreams for her children despite the adversaries and doubts of the people watching her. Her passion never diminished but rather maintained the desire of those who trusted her and walked with her. As a result, many have placed their trust in her as well, considering the university as good and just. On the last stanza, the speakers wish the school the best, mentioning that they desire for her torch to remain steadfastly burning as ever. They hope that even if they are not here on earth anymore to witness how the school will continue with her vision and mission, may she never grow tired nor put her torch down nor let her passions die. Instead, they desire

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