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Compare between the story ( A long way gone) and the movie (Hotel Essay

Compare between the story ( A long way gone) and the movie (Hotel Rwanda) - Essay Example Life takes us all through many ups and downs. What one does with the experience is what makes the difference. At the age of twelve, this soldier boy, kind, loving and sweat at heart, realized that he was capable of evil acts. It was not his fault however. At such a young age, he was picked up by the government to fight in a war on his way to a talent show. He was very talented, singing and doing rap songs with his brother and friend. However, he realized something was not right when he attempted to get home to his family. He waited until it was the right time and eventually learns that the only safe way out is to join the war. How was he to know what this entailed? Nevertheless, he found out sooner than later as he started doing things which made the insides of his body cringe and his inner soul cry out. He could not understand what truly was happening. He was fighting in a war and he was being asked to be the murderer. Beah’s story is different. It is not often that a soldier boy survives and lives to tell his story. His story is unique and an inspiration to all. He gives a literary voice to a tragedy that happens leaving, all readers breathless and wanting to know more of not just his survival, but also the details of the war itself. Even though he experienced ghastly behaviors and mortally lucid sights, somehow, he comes out with his mind intact. The violent and graphic things he was forced to do and see only made him a stronger person. Reading the accounts of his loss brings people to tears, his account of him surviving and being rehabilitated, brings his readers to their knees and feet as they praise and thank the higher power that has his hand on this boy. Now, a 26 year old boy is able to stand tall and tell the story of his life from orphan to soldier and then to leader and conqueror. Hotel Rwanda is a story about mass genocide and political unrest. This story, unlike Beah’s is a story that is based on true events that happened back in 199 4. The main character attempts to save his fellow citizens from the Rwandan Genocide. As Paul Rusesabagina tries to save his family and many others, he allows the citizens who are running from the horrible acts of violence to stay at his hotel for safety. The story exemplifies intense political corruptions and attempts to confront the repercussions of the violence, which is at hand. The story is extremely intense and drives one to experience, vicariously, the life of these people as they run from one burial ground to the next. As many plead for their lives, they realize that there is little hope. The issue of race, and gender leads one to feel more power over the other, eventually leading to mass murder and the wiping out of an entire generation. War breaks out in both stories. The difference in both of these wars, though is that they are both set in Africa, one of the stories is told from his own perspective as he lives, breathes and resided in the terrors of war. He experienced, s aw and felt his brothers and sisters as they slipped away into utter darkness. He cried with them, and then in many cases, had to do away with them himself. Hotel Rwanda is slightly different. Though many children were affected by such horrors, the main character in the story was a grown man who attempts to save others. Beah could not save others as he was one of those who caused so

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