Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Geographical Effects on Cooking and Preparation :: Research Cooking Geogrpahy Papers

Geographical Effects on Cooking and Preparation Abstract: This paper will attempt to show others the differences and similarities in food preparation due to differences in altitudes. Accordingly, this paper will explore the adjustments necessary to cook in different locations and at different elevations. This paper is of interest to me because I live at an elevation of over 10,572 feet. The backs of boxes do not indicate changes of this type. This also interests me because I have a joy for being in the kitchen. National Standards: A group of parents, educators, business people, and organizations has developed a list of standards for educators to use as a reference in order to make the United States internationally competitive (14, p 9). These standards should apply to this paper and to all geography related topics. Three standards have been chosen to focus the attention of this paper. The first one is number six; "Knows and understands that culture and experiences influence people’s perception of places and experiences." This applies because there will be a different perspective on cooking for those who live in low altitudes than to those who live at higher ones. The second one that applies is number 14; "Knows and understands how the earth’s physical and human systems are connected and interact." It is because of the physical surroundings that the human system of cooking is altered. Finally, number 18: "Knows and understands how to apply geography to interpret the present and the future." This standard is used to show that at present there are still a lot of experiments to complete, so that perhaps in the future we will be better prepared to adjust to higher elevations. Introduction: As the twenty-first century is rapidly approaching people have a lot on their minds; wars, shortages of fuel leading to higher gas prices, possible computer crashes, and who will be the prominent leaders, among other things. This paper is designed to allow the reader to escape into the world nearly everyone enjoys, eating. Food is required to sustain life. Even small children know that fact; however, not everyone knows that food also has emotional and psychological effects. Food is the source of security, satisfaction, hospitality, and status (1, p 8). Involved in the last of these, status, is a large element of social interaction and acceptance. Accordingly, the area in which a person lives is one of the largest factors determining the eating habits a person develops (1, p 2).

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