Thursday, September 12, 2019

MOVEO folding electric scooter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

MOVEO folding electric scooter - Assignment Example This has resulted to there being more traffic jams in the cities. It is for this that people are looking for alternate travelling means so as to ensure that they arrive at their destinations faster (Avery, 2010). These methods include reducing the number of time that they use their cars and opt for public transport, and this includes the use of scooters and motor bicycles that are not as prone to traffic. It is for this reason that MOVEO has come up with its own solution to this problem; the creation of a foldable electric scooter. The company has designed a scooter that should help and solve this problem for most people that live near or within the city (Petron, 2008). A marketing solution needs to be created so as to make the most out of the vehicle. The framework that is to be used is to ensure that there is better use and endurance that specificity in the marketing of the product. It is to ensure that there is measurability and achievability in the product marketing structure. The Marketing Communication Planning framework shall be used for this purpose. The process entails studying of the market, coming up with objectives, strategies, tactics and evaluation of the market so as to get th e best of the product while still making profits for the company. The market is one that is constantly growing with more companies venturing into the foldable and green mode of transportation (Belch and Belch, 2009). Furthermore, it is due to the fact that the customers want a more mobile and efficient method of travel from one place to another that makes the market receptive to the idea. The market is lucrative and promising due to the increase in the number of people that are buying cars. This is because, with the increased number of vehicles that clutter up the roads, there will be an increased demand for vehicles that are more mobile and efficient in the sector of maneuvering through traffic. The market is receptive to the scooters that are

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