Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Physical and Chemical Properties Essay

Did you observer any chemical changes in this examine?YesWhat evidence did you use to decide that something was a chemical change? I observed during the application of the hydrochloric acid to some of the substances bubbling, and smokingGive at least two examples of chemical changes you observed. Green changedfrom blue to application of HCL to Mg smoking and bubbling and CuCO3Classify the following properties of sodium metal as corporeal or chemical Silver metallic color natural Turns gray in air Chemical Melts at 98oC Physical Reacts explosively with chlorine gas ChemicalClassify the following changes as physical or chemical Water freezes at 0oC Physical Baking pop music when combined with vinegar produces bubbles Chemical Mothballs gradually disappear at manner temperature Physical Ice cubes in a freezer get slighter with time Physical Baking soda loses mass as it is heat up Chemical Tarnishing of silver ChemicalHow would you show that dissolving table flavour is a physica l change? Because the salt doesnt change to something else, it waistcloth salt. Boil the water and the salt will still be there, non something else.Cleanup Mix the leftover sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid in your beaker. This will neutralize them. Now, pour them down the drain with lots of water. role the small amount of solid chemicals left (if any) in a small plastic bag and put it in the trash. After the burner fuel has only cooled, screw the cap on tightly and store it in your LabPaq.

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