Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Discuss the qualities of effective business leaders. Reference at Research Paper

Discuss the qualities of effective care leaders. Reference at least two business leaders . What methods do they use to create a culture of motivation and high performance - Research Paper ExampleThey should crap the ability to figure out their subordinates in a positive manner with the aim that they are motivated to perform much better. A democratic working style is much better than an authoritarian working style for the leader. A leader with a democratic outlook will strive towards the betterment of the organization rather than his personal benefits. hard-hitting business leaders are usually self-starters and they themselves always strive to improve their performance. They make themselves always obtainable in their organization (Harvard Business School, Becoming an effective leader).Leaders should be visionaries and they should have the competency to articulate their vision to their employees. They should have good communication skills they should be willing to take risks and always should have the willingness to learn (Holbeche, L., Motivating People in Lean Organizations). peter Gates has been described many a times as a fierce competitor but no one can pass over the fact that he is a great visionary who has always been a step ahead of his times. Microsoft has sure practices that contribute in motivating their employees. The product designers of Microsoft work in small teams. They are provided assignments that are contend and they are also given recognition for their work. Performance assessment is carried out twice a twelvemonth in Microsoft. Certain performance objectives are set and employees may compare themselves against those objectives. These self-evaluations are rated by their managers. The pass judgment ranges from exceptional to a very low level. The low level of performance means that it is not twinned up to a certain minimum standard. The good performance is rewarded by increase in salary. Bill Gates personally visits those employees who have performed exceedingly well and they are honored for their achievement. The employees are awarded by bad shares of the company to

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