Thursday, April 11, 2019

Is Google Violating Users Privacy Essay Example for Free

Is Google Violating Users Privacy EssayGoogle Violating Users Privacy? The use of the Internet has gravel an indispensable scape for students, workers and people in general. Moreover, the use of bet engines like Google is a daily routine activity when soul wants to inquire something. Google search engine is used to perform approximately two billion searches a day. plane though, it is a free services the rights of privacy can be compromised. According to the terms of use of the Google search engine, all the queries a user do can be stored for Google Company forever, although, after 18 months these queries become anonymized. According with these previous paragraphs, thither are two points of view that we are going to discuss 1. Googles storage of user data is legitimate and does not constitute a violation of user privacy. 2. Googles should not store users data as this data can be misuse or accessed by the government. According with the policies and principles of Google web si te, they can find out teaching in two ship canal with your consent when you log in into Google with a user ID given them voluntarily your personal reading. Also, they do collect information without your consent thru the anonymous mode.In both cases your IP address is taken, and in this mode frequently other information can be captured like the phone line you are using, the device particular information, and of course all the queries you do. In addition, according with these policies Google has the privileges to use this information collected with third parties. Actually there is a latent treat that stored information could be stole and used for incorrect purposes. Google index and compute all they stored information to interrupt being stolen. However, there is no certainty on this.Personally I have to say that Google is my favorite search engine, is fast and most of the time give me the right information related with the topic I am searching for, also, they have the rights to store information that you give to them voluntarily or anonymously, and use it according with the policies they stand for. I agree with the government right to search for information in Googles data base, as long as, it is used in the right path, for example to prevent terrorism, for national security, or to find sick people like rapist or any military man rights violator.

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