Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Blind Conformity: Malcolm X :: essays research papers

Blind Conformity Malcolm XIn todays world it is often rough to ad unspoilt to one type oflifestyle or anformer(a). The constant battery of outside opinions hamper ourability, as humans, to choose and be comfortable with a certain way of living.Our way of living whitethorn consist of a look, a way of thinking, a religion, or anyfacet of our personalities that may not conform with whatever is the norm or theaccepted at a given time. When this is the case, we sometimes feel forced tochange, thus we ar susceptible to blind agreement. The word conformity comesfrom the Latin words con, which pith with or together, and forma, which meansto shape or mold. Therefore, blind conformity is real a molding ofourselves together with what is said to be normal in society instead of usingour differences to enhance ourselves as humans. Known for having sacrosanctopinions, Malcolm X seems to be an unlikely victim of blind conformity. However,as shown in his essay, My First Conk, Malcolm X, in fac t, was victimized by thismalignant disease. Straightening black hair, though, is just one impulse thatis bought on by blind conformity. Changing ones self-importance to look or behave likeanother because it is more sought after by the public is due to a disregarding of ones self-claimed ethics and values, an over emphasis of the media and outsideopinions, and an insecurity which most of us unfortunately have.In My First Conk, Malcolm X assured that black people were beingnessbrainwashed to believe that they actu all(prenominal)y were inferior to white people, thusthey conked their hair. They were, essentially, good-looking up what they werefighting for as far as civil respectables- the right to be who they were and also beaccepted by society. Therefore, the conking of their hair was a hypocrisy and acontradiction of all their morals and values. Blind conformity caused them todisregard their strongest beliefs which should be the most powerful drivingforces in all of our lives. If we can not depend on our own morals and values,our engines, to enjoin our lives, we are simply empty vehicles being pusheddown lifes roads. Especially in todays society, there is a dire over emphasisof the media. Television and other types of media display certain lifestyles andideas and then the public automatically conforms. Having the media, which issomething so optional, oblige us is a reprehensible sacrilege. It isimperative that we learn to either respect or dislike an idea without feeling theneed to immerse ourselves so fully into it.

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