Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tex Rickard :: essays research papers

Tex Rickard the story of his life. The man who was knownas Tex Rickard, was innate(p) on Jan 2, 1870 with the bynameof George Lewis Rickard. He led a life of different jobs, Iguess you could phrase he was a jack of all trades. His life, orthe part of it that dealt with the gold rush, was what I wouldsay as, short lived. After breeding cattle in Texas, and ruling alittle town as the town marshal he decided to move on tosomething different. He moved to a small city in Nevadacalled Goldfield. Goldfield was a savage town, which cameabout with the help of gold, and the fact the Rickard set up acasino. this instant Tex didnt make his money by mining for goldin calcium or in Nevada, but instead he was a paidgambler, and fight promoter. It is his final profession that hedecided to stick with, and to say the least, he was mostprosperous in this final job. As a fight promoter his life wasvery active. To publicize the community he decided topromote the world lightweight title fight amid Joe Gansand Oscar Nelson. The fight was a long one, not only was itmore indeed the normal 12 rounds, but it was nearly 4 timesthe normal, organism 42 rounds in length. This would be thestart of something big for Rickard. In 1920 he gained controlof Madison Square Garden, and in his new arena he wouldstage the first million dollar fight, this would be the first of louvermillion dollar crowds. Rickards achievements didnt justcome to him by luck. He make boxing a sport for all racesand both the sexes. He appealed to the racialism in people byposing a black against a white. He also aroused the patriotsin the country by flake a draft dodger and a war hero,

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