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King Richard Essay -- History England King Richard Essays

King RichardMy report is on Richard I, byname Richard the Lion-Hearted. He was born kinsfolk 8, 1157 in Oxford, England. He died on April 6, 1199 in Chalus, England. His knightly manner and his valor in the Third Crusade(1189-92) made him a popular fairy in his own time, as well as the hero of countless amatory legends. He has been viewed less kindly by more recent historians and scholars.Richard was the tierce son of heat content II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and he was given the dukedom of Aquitaine, his stupefys inheritance, at the age of 11 and was en spated as duke at battle of Poitiers in 1172. Richard possessed precocious political and military ability, he won fame for his knightly prowess, and quickly learned how to control the turbulent aristocracy of Poitou and Gascony. ilk all Henry IIs legitimate sons, Richard had no filial piety, foresight, or sense of responsibility. He joined his brothers in the greatrebellion(1173-74)against his initiate, who invaded A quistaine doubly before Richard submitted and received pardon. Thereafter, Richard was occupied with suppressing baronial revolts in his own duchy. His callousness infuriated the Gascons, who revolted in 1183 and called in the help of the Young King Henry and his brother, Geoffrey of Brittany, in an effort to drive Richard from his duchy altogether. Alarmed at the threaten disintegration of his empire, Henry II brought the feudal host of his continental lands to Richards aid, but the younger Henry died suddenly(June 11, 1183)and the uprising collapsed. Richard was now heir to England, and to Normandy and Anjou, and his father wished him to yield Aquitaine to his youngest brother, John. But Richard,a true southerner, would not surrender the duchy in which he had grown up.Richard received Normandy on July 20, and the English throne on September 30. Richard, unlike Philip, had only one ambition, to lead the compress prompted by Saladins capture of Jeru changem in 1187. He had no conception of planning for the future of the English monarchy, and put up everything for sale to buy arms for the crusade. Yet he had not become king to preside over the dismemberment of the Angevin Empire. He brokewith Philip and didnt break down Angevin defenses on the Continent. Open war was averted only because Philip also took the cross. Richard dipped rich into his fathers treasure and sold sherif... ...of Hubert Walter, justifier and archbishop of Canterbury. It was Richards impetuosity that brought him to his death at the early age of forty-two. The Vicomte of Limoges refused to hand over a hoard of gold unearthed by a local peasant. Richard laid siege to his castle of Chalus and in an unlucky moment was wounded. He died in 1199. He was buried in the abbey church of Fontevrault, where Henry II and Queen Eleanor atomic number 18 also buried, and his effigy is still preserved there.Richard was a thoroughgoing Angevin, compulsive and hot-tempered, possessed o f tremendous energy, and opened of great cruelty. He was more courteous than most of his family, a soldier of consummate ability, a skillful politician, and capable of inspiring loyal service. He was a lyrical poet of considerable designer and the hero of troubadours. He was both an honored and despised man.Works CitedA History of the Crusades Vol. 3 1954Richard the Lion Heart K. Norgate 1969Itinerary of King Richard the initial L.Landon 1935Loss of Normandy 1189-1204 2nd Edition 1961Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings A. Kelly 1950Encyclopedia Britannica Online 1999

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