Thursday, May 9, 2019

Potential careers Icome in crimianal justice positions Essay

Potential careers Icome in crimianal justice positions - raise Example(Criminal justice careers, 2013)No matter what you have interest in, be it science, psychology, or cheat there are careers within criminal justice that will put these skills or talents to use. Two field specific careers that are both, in demand yet are quite different in their focuses and functions. The send-off is tool Cruelty Investigator, which is a relatively new addition to the criminal justice training functional in the United States. The second field is Crime Scene Investigator, or CSI, a title that is vigorous known because of the success of the television series of the same name. Discussing the two will outline what makes each of these specialties important, relevant, and worthwhile career choices.In this age of illegal dog fighting rings, living organism(prenominal) hoarders, and puppy mills Animal Cruelty Investigators are needed to protect and rescue animals within our communities. These investi gators actively follow-up on animal abuse/cruelty reports, collect present for persecution of owners if warranted, and remove animals from obviously dangerous situations. This is an ideal career for batch who have a love for animals, however, it, also, requires the ability to conduct and control oneself in all situations with the public. In new(prenominal) words, you cannot let your love and compassion for animals make you behave inappropriately and unprofessionally in the face of the harsh realities of animal neglect and abuse cases. If one is considering a career in this field then a scope in law enforcement is helpful, but not always required. However, it is suggested that working or volunteering at the humane society, local anesthetic animal shelter, or for a veterinarian would be beneficial.(Criminal justice careers, 2013)Crime Scene Investigators, lots called forensic examiners, are responsible for evaluating existing evidence at a crime scene, the collecting, securing, p ackaging, and labeling properly of that evidence for later, further

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