Thursday, March 14, 2019

Impacts of Artificial Climate Modification Essay -- Meteorology Weathe

Impacts of Artificial clime Modification Controlling the weather. The very idea of it sounds enthralling and, yet, terrifying. Take a moment and think about the endless possibilities. Imagine the scenario Hurricane Katrina is headed straight for Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. The sledding of life is unthinkable and the amount of damage is insurmountable. However, scientists have discovered a way to seed the hurricane, not only lessening its power save potentially redirecting its path. Hundreds of lives are saved and billions of dollars in damage are prevented. plot of land extreme storm manipulation is a far reach into the future, the hypothesis to increase rain and snow fall and to suppress hail storms is a reality. However exciting the possibilities, there are still great concerns on how this awesome power will affect the world. Weather Modification (WM) began in the mid 1940s with three scientists at the General Electric Laboratory. Vincent Schaefer, Bernard Vo nnegut, and Irving Langmuir conducted versatile experiments in precipitation management. Their studies showed that the use of dry ice and silver iodide in supercooled stratus clouds acted as seeds for rain and snow making. Simply put, seeding is the introduction of gauze-like particles into a cloud to create ice crystals and water droplets that will gravel precipitation (Bridget, 51). These first series of experiments encouraged untested rain enhancement and hail prevention projects throughout the world (List, 51). With the introduction of any new finding, there is a need for guidelines. In order to create a more universal, uniform, and organized method of researching weather modification, the World meteorological fundamental law (WMO) establish... Statement Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification,. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 73, 337.Bridget, C. (May/Jun 2005). Changing the Weather. Weatherwise, 58(3), 51, 53.Howell, W.E. (1977). E nvironmental Impacts of Precipitation Management Results and Inferences from Project Skywater. Bureau of replenishment Department of the Interior, 58(6), 491-492.Solak, M.E., Yorty, D.P., & Griffith, D.A. (2003). Estimations of Downwind Cloud Seeding Effects in Utah. Report trades union American Weather Consultants, Inc., 35(1), 1, 2, 4.Weaver, T. & Collins, D. (Nov 1977). Possible Effects of Weather Modification (Increased Snowpack) on Festuca Idahoensis Meadows. Journal of Range Management, 30(6), 451.List, R. (Jan 2004). Weather Modification- A Scenario for the Future. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 85(1), 52, 56-57.

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