Friday, March 22, 2019

The Crusades Essay -- essays research papers

After the death of Charlemagne in 814 and the eventual collapse of his empire, Europe was beneath attack and on the defensive. Nomadic mess from Asia pillaged eastern and underlying Europe until the 10th century. Beginning about 800, several centuries of Viking raids disrupted vivification in northern Europe and even threatened Mediterranean cities. scarcely the spectacularest threat came from the forces of Islam. Eventu totallyy these threats became real. Battles broke out and these battles turned to wars spanning from 1095 to 1229 all this everyplace one city, Jerusalem, on country, Israel, one land, the hallowed Land.Islamic forces had already conquered North Africa, the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, and most of Spain by the 8th century. They also completed bases in Italy, greatly reduced the size and power of the Byzantine Empire, and took over its capital, Constantinople. Islam was spreading even faster than the Islamic army was conquering. The five pillars of I slam appealed to many, as did the Koran and the founder of Islam, Muhammad. Eventually, Islam posed a threat of a impact culture and religion which seemed appealing and unstoppable. By the 11th century the equipoise of power began to swing toward the West. The church became more centralized and stronger from a tame movement to end the practice of kings installing of the essence(predicate) clergy, such as bishops, in office. Popes were able to effectively unite European popular hold behind them. This greatly contributed to the popular appeal of the first Crusades. Europes population was growing, its urban life was beginning to revive, and both long distance and local championship were gradually increasing. European human and economic resources could now support late enterprises on the scale of the Crusades. A growing population created more wealth therefore meant a greater demand for goods from elsewhere. Thus worldly interests coincided with sacred feelings about the holy L and and so the crusades began.Pope Urban II, in a speech at Clermont in France in November 1095, called for a great Christian expedition to free Jerusalem from the Turks, a new Islamic power that had recently begun actively harassing peaceful Christian pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. These factors were tangible causes, and at the same time, useful justifications for the popes call for a Crusade. As a result, Urbans speech appealed to thousands of heap of all classes... ...cceed, however, in wrestling from Saladin control of a chain of cities along the Mediterranean coast. By October 1192, when Richard finally left the Holy Land, the Latin Kingdom had been reconstituted. Smaller than the original kingdom and considerably weaker militarily and economically, the second kingdom lasted for a nonher century.In conclusion, the crusades were a very great part of European history that really affects the world. These people fought for what they believed in and, maybe, if they had not fo ught for what they believed in, we would practice Islam instead of Christianity. Though many people lost their lives and multiplication were tough, balance of power was up for grabs, and it went on for so long, the crusades were fought over the Holy Land to preserve and protect the aspects of each sides religion. These first three crusades show, the best, how important they were to everyone and how they could have affected the world today. In the end I tried to summarize but also try to give points that most people did not know about the crusades that make them significant, important, and needed to understand how these people can fight over something like this land, The Holy Land.

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